There are loads of activities you can do on Club Penguin that are completely free, however, some activities require a membership. Here’s list of features you can do with a purchase of a membership:

  • Play extra levels in games
  • Access to exclusive party rooms
  • Buy clothing accessories from catalogs
  • Achieve all stamps
  • Purchase any puffles (as oppose to only Red & Blue)

Memberships aren’t very expensive, you can buy one online or buy a membership card.

Membership Online:

You can purchase a Club Penguin membership online (via credit card) in the following currencies:

  • Euro (€)
  • British Pound (£)
  • US Dollar ($)

The cost of memberships online usually are:

  • 1 Month – £3.95 / €4.95 / $7.95
  • 6 Month – £19.95 / €24.95 / $39.95
  • 1 Month – £29.95 / €47.95 / $59.95

Membership Card:

You can purchase membership cards from the following countries and shops:

  • USA – Available at: Disney, Walmart, Tom Thumb, Rite Aid, Best Buy, Kmart, Target, Ralphs, Toys-R-Us, Randalls, CVS Pharmacy, VONS, Dominicks, Fred Meyer, GameStop, Safeway, Wegmans, ShopRite, Supervalu, Stater Bros, ShopKo, Save Mart, Raley’s, Publix, Lowes Food to go, Kroger, King Kullen, HyVee, Harris Teeter, Hannaford, Giant Eagle, Giant, GetGo, Food Lion, Albertsons, A and P, Bookshire, Grocery Company, Stop and Shop, Roundys, Giant Landover, Big Y, Duana Reade, Winn Dixie, Walgreens, King Soopers, Fry’s.
  • Canada – Available at: Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmaprix, Jean Coutu, Waltmart, Toys-R-Us, London Drugs, Future Shop, Best Buy, HMV Zellers, Longos, Safeway, Sear.
  • UK – Available at: Toys-R-Us, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, WHSmith, Argos, Game, Game Station, Boots.
  • Australia – Available at: EBGames, Toys-R-Us.
  • New Zealand – Available at: EBGames.
  • Mexico – Available at:Walmart, Labricas de Francia, Palacio de Hierro, Liverpool, Sanborns, Blockbuster, Soriana, Gamers Retails Store, Comercial Mexicana.
  • Republic of Ireland – Available at: GameStop.
  • Denmark – Available at: GameStop, GameStation, Game.
  • Finland – Available at: GameStop
  • Norway – Available at: GameStop, GameStation, Game.
  • Sweden – Available at: GameStop, GameStation, Game.
  • Spain – Available at: GameStop, GameStation, Game.
  • France – Available at: GameStation, Game.
  • Brazil – Available at: Saraiva.

When you have a membership depending on how long your membership is for, you will have a membership badge on your playercard with ribbons.

One Ribbon – 1 Month

Two Ribbons – 2-6 Months

Three Ribbons – 6-12 Months

Four Ribbons – 12+ Months


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