When you become a Club Penguin Secret Ninja, you gain access to the Ninja Hideout and receive many new free items for your penguin. These items are 8 different colored belts along with a Ninja Mask. If you are a member, you can purchase even more Ninja items at the Club Penguin Martial Artworks Catalog in the Ninja Hideout.

  • Begin becoming a Card Jitsu Ninja by going to the Dojo. You will find the Instructions and the Legend to Card Jitsu on the wall. Feel free to take a look at those scrolls to have a clearer understanding of the game.
  • Next, click on the grey penguin in the top-right corner to talk to him. This penguin is also known as Sensei. He will give you your Starter Pack, which can be found inside the “Awards” section of your player card. Your Starter Pack consists of one power card and 7 regular cards.
  • Talk to Sensei again and click “Earn Your Belts”Wait until someone else joins the match so you can play against them. DO NOT click Challenge Sensei until you’ve earned your black belt. You will lose instantly.
  • How to play Card Jitsu: Playing Card Jitsu is very simple. Out of the 5 cards at the bottom, you may only select one per round. At the same time, your opponent will select one of their cards. The winner of the match is determined as such: Fire beats Snow, Snow beats Water and Water beats Fire. If two cards of the same element were selected (ex. Fire and Fire), the bigger number shown in the top-left corner of the card wins. Certain power cards even have special effects. The player who gets 3 of same element or 1 of each element, but not of the same color, wins the match.
  • Once you win 3-5 times, you will receive your first belt, the White Belt. Then there’s yellow, orange, green, blue, red, purple, brown and black. Each belt requires more wins to level up. For example, the white belt takes 3-5 wins to get.  Although the yellow belt takes about 10 wins. When you become a black belt, you can finally challenge Sensei.
  • Sensei is difficult to beat but isn’t impossible. You should be able to beat him in under 5 tries. Once you do, you will receive a Ninja Mask. Also, Sensei will grant you access to the Ninja Hideout.

Congratulations, you are now a Club Penguin Tour Guide! Check out our other guides by clicking here.


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