Club Penguin Turbo Race 3000 August 2014 Cheats

As mentioned in the previous edition of the Club Penguin Times, Club Penguin brought for the first time a Turbo Race 3000 mini-party with the conclusion of the 2014 Music Jam. Usually, mini-parties occur every month with one room decorated with the overall theme and a generous amount of free items available to obtain for your penguin account. This time, Club Penguin has brought the Turbo Race 3000. The mini-party is set to remain on Club Penguin for a week, July 31, 2014 through August 6, 2014. To help you get the most out of this mini-party, Club Penguin Cheats has provided you with the following text guide. So without further ado, lets get on with the Club Penguin Turbo Race 3000 August 2014 Cheats guide:

First of all head to the stadium as this is where the Turbo Race 3000 is held. Your attention will be drawn to the screen relying the laps and other vital information for the race. The screen will give you the appropriate time to begin racing and you can keep track of how many laps you’ve done while racing. To participate, go to the starting line and you will automatically be given a go-kart. Now race around the track thrice and you will have finished the race! I suggest going on a server with 3-5 bars so, you can race with other penguins.

Club Penguin


Lets not forget; there’s exactly two free items available on the right of the track. The ‘Go-Karter Helmet’ is up for grabs at the stadium beneath the sign labeled ‘Free!’. The item is available for non-members and members.

Club Penguin

There’s the ‘Go-Karter Jacket’ next to it, for members only.

Club Penguin

That’s all about the Club Penguin Turbo Race 3000. We hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed our text guide and we appreciate the time you’ve set aside to read it. Now that you’ve participated in the races and collected the free items, we want you to gauge the mini-party on a 1-10 basis in the comments section below. I’d have to give it a 9 as I love the free items and am impressed with the surrounding decorations; however, Club Penguin should give us the ability to customize our go-karts. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below, we’d love to hear what you have to say.



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