Club Penguin Cheats: Catalog – Penguin Style July 2014

The July 2014 edition of the Club Penguin Style Catalog has been released. The Penguin Style is a catalog in which penguins will be able to purchase clothes, accessories, backgrounds and much more! Every penguin must have sufficient coins and must be a member in order to purchase certain items from the catalog (purchase of backgrounds, country flags and non-member items don’t require a membership). Now, Club Penguin has added items for non-members, too! As soon as you purchase an item, it will be added to your penguins inventory. With the Music Jam right around the corner and summer already upon us, Club Penguin have themed this penguin style to just those themes. So, without further ado, Club Penguin Cheats has provided you with a complete Club Penguin Style Catalog July 2014 Cheats guide:

Here is a picture of the front cover of the Penguin Style Catalog July 2014:

Club Penguin

Here are the brand new player card backgrounds that are included in this month’s penguin style:

Club Penguin

Denim Purse:

  •  Flip to the fifth page of the catalog.
  • Click on the orange penguin’s denim purse.

Club Penguin

14k Fish Necklace:

  •  Flip to the fifth page of the catalog.
  • Click on the 14k fish necklace being worn by the aqua penguin.

Club Penguin

Green Slouch Purse:

  •  Flip to the sixth page of the catalog.
  • Click on the pink penguin’s left foot.

Club Penguin

Gold Charm Necklace:

  • Flip to the tenth page of the catalog.
  • Click on the soda.

Club Penguin

There are exactly four hidden items in this month’s section of the Penguin Style Catalog. These hidden items are available for members-only.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed our Club Penguin Style Catalog July 2014 Cheats guide! Use these clothing items to dress up your penguin in a unique way. These clothing items are certain to bring pizzazz to any outfit! Therefore, of the clothing items in this month’s issue of the penguin style which is your favorite? Share your response in the comments section below.



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