Club Penguin Update: Fun Stuff – Penguin Poll

The Club Penguin Team have updated the poll at their ‘Fun Stuff’ section. Penguin Polls give you the opportunity to vote your own choice by the given question and the option with the most number of votes, wins! This time, the Club Penguin Team has questioned us, ‘Each Month Pledge’. It’s not exactly a question but lets take a look at the new Poll:

Club Penguin Update: Fun Stuff - Penguin Poll

There are four options. They are as follows:

  • I will recycle plastic, paper and glass
  • I will save water by turning off water when I brush my teeth
  • I will experience Nature by visiting a Park
  • I pledge to do all of the above

I definitely voted for ‘I pledge to do all of the above’. You can vote by clicking here. Which option did you vote for? Let us know your answer by commenting in the comment section of this post.



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