Club Penguin The Muppets World Tour 2014 Cheats

The Muppets World Tour has finally arrived on Club Penguin island! The entire Club Penguin island has been transformed into Muppets style. That’s right! You can now visit rooms which are mostly decorated in Europe’s popular countries like Germany, France, Spain, Russia and England. Along side that, you can visit other countries like Los Angeles in the USA, Mexico, Brazil and India. Every penguin on Club Penguin also have the chance to hang out with every Muppet and mascots like Kermit the Frog and Ms. Piggy. You will also be able to add them and get a free background, too!

So without further ado, lets get on with the Club Penguin The Muppets World Tour 2014 Cheats guide:


While Club Penguin is loading, you will notice that there is a brand new design on the loading screen. It has a really beautiful design with all the flags of different countries. Here is how it looks:

club penguin muppets cheats

As you have logged in, you will be greeted by Kermit the Frog and he will give you some information about the party and let you know that you have to perform acts for the Muppets. For each act everyday, you will receive an item that you can impress them with. Therefore, on the last day, you can perform at the Muppets Theater! How cool is that?!

club penguin muppets cheats

After you are done talking to Kermit, you are now able to click on the brochure with a picture of an airplane on it. It will show you all the acts that are available for you to perform. As I said, each day you will be able to perform an act for a Muppet.

club penguin muppets cheats

So as you can see, on March 20 which is today, you can perform an act for Fozzie. Click on ‘Find Fozzie’ and you will be taken to Germany! You can spot him on the top of your screen when you’re in Germany. Click on Fozzie and he will tell you what act you should perform.

club penguin muppets cheats

For you to perform an act, you have to meet another penguin in order for the cream pie act to take place. An act can easily take place in a crowded room. Just equip the cream pie and press “D” on your keyboard. There will be an icon with a cream pie on top of your penguin. Wait for a penguin to click on it and this is what happens:

club penguin muppets cheats

After that, an item unlocks and you will be able to collect it. This item will be for members only but the first item you receive which was the cream pie will be for both, members and non-members. Continue the same guide for each act that you will be able to perform everyday until March 28. On March 28, it will be the last act that you have to perform in order to impress every Muppet.


Every party has a party catalog. So, The Muppets World Tour 2014 Party catalog has almost every Muppet costume. Unfortunately, there are no items for non-members and there are also no cheats. Here is how the party catalog looks like:

club penguin muppets cheats

Awesome! Which Muppet are you going to dress up as? Let me know in the comments after you are done reading the rest of the guide.

Airplane Igloos:

If you purchase an Airplane Igloo, your igloo will be on the list of the Airplane Igloos for many penguins to visit and like your igloo. So if you haven’t purchase an Airplane Igloo yet, then make sure you do now!

club penguin muppets cheats


You may have also noticed by now about the brand new emotes. Club Penguin usually adds 3 new emotes during a party. But this time, they have replaced almost all of the emotes to Muppet style emotes. Don’t worry, the old emotes will return once the party is over. Here is how all the emotes look like:

club penguin muppets cheats


And of course, last but not least, the mascots! I am sure of it that Kermit the Frog and Ms. Piggy will be visiting the island. You will be able to meet Kermit and Ms. Piggy on the Club Penguin island. When you do, you will also be able to get a background and add them to your buddy list. This is going to be awesome!

Congratulations! You have completed our Club Penguin The Muppets World Tour Cheats guide. Now that I see it, the party is not that bad as many people say as it was going to be. In fact, this may be one of my favorite parties of all time on Club Penguin! Anyway, make sure you leave your comments below as to what you think about this party. I would be really happy to read and reply to them.



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