Club Penguin Cheats: Prehistoric Party 2013

After all the sneak peeks from the Club Penguin Team on Twitter, they have finally launched the Prehistoric Party 2013 on Club Penguin island! It looks like the team have took on our demands by the most number of votes in the penguin poll in December and they have created an epic party for all of us. The time Trekker is ready to be used by every penguin to travel back in time to the dinosaur era. As usual, there will be a free item for you to collect plus there is a new feature that you will be able to transform into… Dinosaurs! Not just one species of Dinosaurs by a variety of them. There is also three brand new emoticons when you travel back to the prehistoric time. Club Penguin Cheats have provided you with a complete guide for this party. Now, may I present to you with our Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2013 Cheats guide!

Once you log-in, you will be in the Dinosaur era. Click on your map and visit the Prehistoric Party. This will bring you to the antediluvian years. If you want to return to the present (2013), simply click on your map and click on the Time Trekker located in the top-right corner.

As I mentioned earlier, there is a free item for you to collect, but you will have to find 12 eggs by playing ‘Dino Dig’ which can be found everywhere around the island. This game is a single player version of Treasure Hunt. As you may know, Treasure Hunt is a multi-player game. So, when you find 12 eggs, you will be rewarded a ‘T Rex Hoodie’. Members will also be able to transform into Dinosaurs!

There you have it! Make sure you also check out the party catalog. Don’t forget that it’s a limited edition catalog and it wont be available when the party ends. What do you think of this party? Let us know with a comment.



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